The Power of Snackable Content

Previously on our blog, we covered the concept of snackable content and how this easily shareable, engaging content is beneficial for business. But what are some examples of easy snackable content and how can you still relay your message with it?

If you want to go a step further than just usual text posts, snackable content is perfect for you. Content forms like infographics, GIFs and quote graphics are prime examples of snackable content and take your social media feed to the next level.

For PR professionals, snackable content is a perfect way to take long form content and adapt it specifically for a social media channel. Instead of posting a full press release on a social media site like Instagram, instead try creating a graphic with a headline, image and important quote from the release. This easily condenses your content while still spreading your message.

Snackable content doesn’t always have to be your most up-to-date news. Repurposing your past evergreen content is a fantastic strategy to create engagement on your social feeds and put the spotlight on any underappreciated work. An example of this is an informative blog post – rather than reposting the entire blog, consider creating an easily understandable infographic based on the blog. This will make your post easier to share all while educating your followers on a topic.


Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

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at Jul 29, 2021

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