The Importance of Personalization

In today’s marketing landscape, personalization is everything. According to Epsilon, 80 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. But, why is personalization so important and what does it mean for the content that you create?

We see countless social media posts, emails and advertisements for businesses every day whose sole purpose is to grab our attention. However, these attention grabbers have grown stale for so many people, leading them to tune out these calls for attention almost completely. Personalization is a way to make your content more human and to cater to the needs and interests of your audiences. In the end, personalizing your content leads to loyal long-term customers, which is ideal for any business.

Personalized marketing is especially beneficial in areas like email marketing, which Marissa covered on the blog earlier in the week. Of course, personalization goes far beyond simply including a customer’s first name in an email blast, it starts with data. Data collection is important if you are considering making your business more personalized on all fronts – this is how you find out the best ways to reach your customers. This process can seem quite daunting and gathering feedback is not always easy. A good idea is to start small with methods like satisfaction surveys and follow-up calls.

As for social media, interacting with those who engage with your posts is a direct way to show that you care. It can be as simple as liking their comments or responding to their feedback. Another great way to cut through robotic social media marketing is with genuine content and messaging. Social media gives you a direct channel to communicate with those who matter most to your business, use it!

Personalized marketing can be a complex topic – especially when it involves data collection. But the bare bones of personalization lie in factors such as great customer service and authentic messaging. Ultimately, going the extra mile for customers is the best strategy for personalization and is sure to generate long-term success for your business.

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at Apr 2, 2021

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