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April 12, 2017
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Suspense draws interest.  Whether we are glued to the TV to see who is the next winner of “America’s Got Talent,” “The Bachelor” or “Survivor” – people want to know.

It happens in real life, too.  Parties for “what sex is the baby” and “where I’m going to college” are also becoming commonplace.

I found it intriguing to learn that Crayola is also attracting attention for its big reveal:  the next crayon color.

Crayola announced last month that it was ditching its dark yellow Dandelion crayon and replacing it with a color in the blue family.  The company made the announcement during a Facebook live -- held on, of course, National Crayon Day.

The consumer engagement was excellent, with more than 225,000 views.  Not everyone was happy, but they were engaged!  On Twitter, the hashtag #NewCrayonColors emerged as people shared thoughts on what crayon color and name Crayola should use for its upcoming addition.

Crayola is expected to announce more details about the new crayon color next month.  More than the color and name – I want to know if Crayola will make the announcement solely via social media as it did with the news about Dandelion going away.

If so, does it color the standard news conference as a thing of the past?

Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson
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