The Age of the Influencer

Research shows that 49 percent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. When you first think of an influencer, you may assume they are a young adult covering fashion, food or beauty, however influencers come in all ages and cover just about every industry.

Recently, PR Daily discussed the topic of “granfluencers” and how baby boomers and older members of Gen X are jumping into the influencer marketing and finding success with their content, even being a part of big brand campaigns with Nike, Lululemon and more.

As many brands continuing to focus on necessary diversity initiatives, utilizing influencers of all ages is a great way to show you actually care and are providing equal outreach to all. And who doesn’t want to see a grandmother hopping on the latest Tik Tok trends?

On the other side of the spectrum has been the rise of kid influencers who aim to be the next generation of social media stars. These kids, much like other influencers, are creating content for brands and engaging in creative campaigns all before they officially become teenagers. While older audiences tend to be chosen for campaigns relating to home and fashion, kid influencers dominate the toy and gaming industry, making a name for themselves across platforms. Though they will probably need to ask their parents before they embark on a full influencer campaign for your brand.

If you are looking to find an influencer for your next campaign, biggest is not always best. Micro influencers of all ages may not be the biggest names or have thousands of followers, but what they do have is a genuine and authentic relationship with their followers, giving them the power to influence others and actually mean it. Now more than ever, consumers are craving real content from real people, why not give it to them?

Regardless of which age group or audience you look to target through your influencer marketing campaign, this requires a strategic plan and thorough research to make sure you are making the right choice for your brand and its goals.

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at Jan 7, 2022

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