Social Media Updates That Can Help Your Business

If you’re reading this blog post, there is a good chance you have been on social media for more than a decade. I was surprised when I logged onto Facebook to see “memories” of photos and status updates I posted 8 or 9 years ago. Have we really been connected online for that long?

Since the outbreak of the virus, social media platforms have been working harder than ever to keep you engaged on an app. Here is a list of the current social media updates that you can use to help your business:


I have been using this app for a long time. I remember getting so excited to see those orange numbers pop up when I open the app to show me the likes and comments I would get on my photos. Instagram has trained its users over the last 10 years into thinking that the bottom right corner is a reward system. But if you log onto Instagram right now and click that bottom right corner, you’ll be taken to the shopping page filled with products that are right down your alley based on your interests and the photos you like. Instagram is the next best place to begin selling your niche products.


Remember when Snapchat came out with stories? Every social media platform had to come out with the same idea after Facebook decided to use the model, spawning the will now have stories meme. Finally (and maybe few years late?), Twitter has jumped on board with story features of its own — Fleets. If you have posted stories on other platforms, Fleets are no different. It is another opportunity for businesses to stay on the front page and at the top of user’s cell phones.


Videos are the new stories. Where the precious Snapchat Stories used to live, you will now find its new video feature, Spotlight. This new section is very similar to TikTok where you can upload a short video clip that gets shown on the Spotlight page (TikTok’s For You page) with the option to like and send to others. This is another great place to post video content in addition to YouTube and TikTok.

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at Dec 2, 2020

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