Social Media Strategy, Policies, and Pitfalls

Remember when having “the” Facebook or “the” Twitter was only for up-and-coming professionals? When no one understood the difference between a friend and a fan?  And, by the way, was it ever right to call someone who tweets a tweeter?

Social media is now such a part of everyday personal and professional life that we may sometimes forget why it is important to create policies and guidelines for using these powerful platforms in the business world.

I’m referring to how what we do and say on our personal pages may impact how we are perceived on our professional pages.  I think it is virtually impossible to separate the two. No “opinions are not representative of my company” disclaimer can truly absolve you from posting one way on your own Facebook page and another on your company page.  We are what we tweet, and it is important to remember that.

Social media policies and pitfalls and my “grandma rule” advice are just a part of the discussion on this week’s Copper State of Mind podcast. Take a listen.


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at Aug 18, 2021

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