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Many social media platforms have adopted some form of the “story” for users to post additional news, information and photos. If a brand has a lot of information to share, creating a post and a story will give their followers more content to engage with.

The main difference between a story and post is how long the content will be visible. With more people accessing their social media via their smartphone, consider posting stories in addition to your regular scheduled content to take advantage of the increased time people are spending on their phones.

So how exactly does a brand gain more interaction with their followers by posting a story?

Hootsuite offers a few tips on how to post content such as using hashtags and creating polls to increase engagement. In addition to those, I would like to add:

Tag everything

In a story, you should be tagging more than just the businesses or people involved. People search through tags differently, so be sure everyone who is searching can see your content from locations to hashtags.

Share news

Do you have a new product? Have you added people to your team? Did you create a new post? By making an announcement on your story, you can direct people back to your page who otherwise may not have seen your post.

Ask questions

Users are more likely to interact with questions in your story versus a post. Why? Simply because it is more fun and easier for the user to answer in a story. The best way to capture this attention is to create polls, quizzes and questions on the story.

What are your best practices when posting a story?

Marissa Baker
Marissa Baker
Native to Phoenix, Marissa has recently moved back to continue her career in communication. On the weekends you can find her in the first row at a concert, or exploring hiking trails.

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