Is Social Media Your Online Resume?


Courtesy of University of Nebraska Athletics

So you want to play college football?  You want to get hired for that plumb job?  Be warned.
University of Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost is not unlike many employers.  They want to know as much about their prospective hires or recruits as they can.  There’s only so much you can learn from a resume.
Social media, on the other hand, provides that wide open look.  It’s where you can learn about a person’s character and whether or not they might be a good team-fit.  It’s also where a prospect can derail their chances.
Just about every time I speak to college students, the question comes up, “How do I get my first job?”
My immediate answer is “Don’t post your beer-bong pictures on social media.”
Frost is also upfront with his recruits too, telling them:
“And I’ll tell you this right now – if there’s anything negative about women, if there’s anything racial or about sexuality, if there’s anything about guns or anything like that, we’re just not going to recruit you, period.  Piece of advice for you – what you put on social media, that’s your resume to the world. That’s what you’re trying to tell the world you’re all about.  That’s how you’re advertising yourself.  Be smart with that stuff.”
It sounds a lot like the advice we provide to our clients.

Courtesy of University of Nebraska Athletics
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at Aug 30, 2018

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