Snow-Skiing in July? The Importance of Communicating Year-Round

I was talking with a friend and former client last week about summer travel plans.

We were both thrilled to be at our mountain cabins at the time with high temperatures in the 80s while the mercury in Phoenix was getting up to 110 degrees.

Now, with the desert high temps closer to 120 degrees than the 110 of a week or so ago, my friend is snow skiing!  He is in Chile down-hilling as if it were January in Flagstaff.  It’s winter in the southern hemisphere.

I’m always interested to chat with friends about their international travels.  One of the regular challenges they face is communicating with people in their worldwide destinations.

In business, that can also be a major hurdle, unless you have resources on the ground.  As a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), we have those resources in more than 40 markets in six continents around the world.

PRGN provides customized communication solutions that combine the scale and stature of an international PR firm with the deep insights and hands-on, senior-level service of a local agency. This offers our clients a unique competitive edge.

You can see the expertise for yourself in PRGN’s blog series, or hear it for yourself in PRGN’s podcast series, hosted by Abbie Fink.

If you’d like to talk more about international communications, we’d welcome the opportunity.

Photo by Eirik Uhlen on Unsplash

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at Jul 18, 2023

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