Shopping on Social Media

If you are a brand or business offering products, new social commerce features have been rolled out recently across different platforms, giving you the chance to reach your audiences more effectively, enhance your social media presence and increase sales.

The Instagram Shopping feature seeks to ease the shopping experience and help users buy right in the moment of discovery by allowing them to purchase directly from an Instagram post. In addition, Instagram Shopping can help you create a virtual storefront, sort your products by collection and offer in-depth product description pages for what you are selling. This all leads to checkout, where users can purchase directly in the Instagram app.

Instagram Shopping is likely to keep growing as the platform recently introduced Instagram Live Shopping this year. This feature gives users a live shopping experience and allows them to purchase products directly from your live stream product showings.

With Instagram a part of Facebook, Facebook also has a shop feature similar to Instagram. And more social media sites are sure to follow as platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok continue to fine tune their social commerce features.

If you are an ecommerce brand, shopping features on social media and high-quality content of your products can provide huge opportunities. And if you are just a shopper, accessing products from your favorite brands has never been easier.

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at Jun 9, 2022

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