QR in PR

Back in February, Scott covered the comeback of QR codes and how business advertisements are utilizing them to get their message across. QR codes can be a useful tool in your next PR or marketing campaign in a number of different ways.

Looking to increase newsletter sign ups or draw attention to a landing page on your website for a new campaign? QR codes make it easier than ever for individuals to visit your website and access what you want them to see all by just opening up their camera, no typing required.

But QR codes don’t only drive people to your website, they can boost your traffic to any destination you want whether it be your social media pages, app on the app store, customer survey, event ticketing website and more.

And creatively there are plenty of ways to include a QR code without it seeming awkward or out of place. These include branded merchandise like a shirt or keychain, email signatures, flyers, billboards, informational pamphlets and much more.

And QR codes aren’t just black and white, there are also many online QR generators that will allow you to create a custom code complete with your logo and brand colors to give it a more customized look that is fit for your content.

Try finding a place for a QR code in your next campaign and you might just get the results you are looking for.

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at Jun 16, 2022

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