Are QR Codes Back?

The QR Code (QRC) appears to have made a successful comeback.  Or did it ever go away in the first place?

Invented nearly 20 years ago at the Japanese company Denso Wave, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile data devices like handheld terminals, scanners and radio frequency identification (RFID) transmitters and receivers, the QRC was originally designed for a car company to track vehicles during manufacturing to help streamline and automate the production process.

Since then, they seemed to have had an almost fad-like existence, linking companies to their websites, among many other effective internal tracking, inventory control and data-capturing uses.  We even have a QRC connecting to our website.

Maybe they became so mainstream that they started going unnoticed, just blending into the regular communication process.

Then when the pandemic hit, it seemed the only way to access a restaurant menu was through a QRC, again becoming almost a vanilla-like specialty communication tool.

That is, until recently.  Over the last few weeks, it seems TV stations have started showcasing QRCs to guide their viewers to the station website during newscasts.  You know, when the reporter or anchor tells us “more information on this story is available on our website” without actually saying “go ahead and stop watching our newscast.”

And then during last weekend’s Super Bowl, Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, aired a commercial that was nothing more than a bouncing QRC.  It was like watching a slow-motion version of Pong, a prehistoric video game.  But, the code was reportedly scanned so many times that it crashed the app.

Was that the QRC’s triumphant return?  Or just another flash in the pan?

In addition to the QRC, there are many other effective, credible ways to connect with your audience.  HMA Public Relations would love to share more about how we can help you reach your publics.


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at Feb 15, 2022

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