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Please Record and Photograph
July 25, 2017
What's in a Name
What’s in a Name?
July 27, 2017
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Workplace FunLast week, Abbie and I had a strategy meeting with a potential client and while in the meeting we had a discussion about what makes a “fun” workplace. We briefly discussed what individuals think of when describing a fun workplace.

What do you think of when you think of a fun workplace? Does it involve companies such as Facebook and Google? Companies that have foosball, ping pong and a champagne/wine cooler? Casual Fridays? Dog-friendly environment?Workplace Fun

To me, the bigger question at hand should address what people really want in a workplace.  I mean sure a champagne/wine cooler in the office does sound pretty cool, but when I think about where I want to work I am looking for a company that is compassionate, caring, flexible and supportive. I want to enjoy coming to work each day.

Workplace FunThe same day as the meeting I came across the article, These 10 Companies Let You Work From Home and Take Unlimited Vacation Days, by Alexandra Schonfeld in Real Simple. The article was about companies and positions that offer the ability to work at home and take unlimited vacation. I like to be around others in a collaborative work environment where I can talk to someone other than my dog, Jeter. I do appreciate that HMA offers flexibility in working remotely, so I can be one of the homeroom moms at my son’s school or even bringing him into the office if needed.

This got me to thinking about what my colleagues in the public relations industry want in their workplace. Is it foosball or ping pong at work? Working from home? Unlimited vacation time?

What is important to you?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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