PR and Personal Branding

Earlier in the week, Marissa discussed micro-influencers and how to use them in your PR campaign.  The element that drives businesses to use influencers and is a big reason for an influencers overall success is their personal brand. However, this personal brand is not just for influencers but businesses as well.

A personal brand is essentially the impression others have about you based on experience or content. Personal branding and public relations can go hand-in-hand and PR tools are crucial for building a personal brand. Your personal brand must be maintained and it must be communicated effectively. An example of this is the process of becoming a thought leader, in order to be seen as a notable figure in an industry, you must get your name out there with the help of PR. This means getting published by utilizing content marketing, networking with other individuals in your industry and getting noticed for your achievements and the content that you create.

In order to develop you or your business’s personal brand you must first establish what you want to be perceived as and the audiences that you want to reach. Everything after should be geared toward growing your presence. This means remaining consistent with your content and message across all your social channels, creating a website or portfolio to give others more information and networking with others as much as you can.

In many cases, your personal brand will speak for you. By using PR tools you are able to create a personal brand that holds up and lets you stand out from the rest of the pack whether you are a business or just one person.

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at May 7, 2021

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