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June 17, 2019
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It seems movies and TV shows regularly utilize a component of public relations in their storylines.  Young Sheldon and Designated Survivor are just two of the examples we have previously written about.

The latest is ABC’s newly cancelled sitcom, The Kids are Alright, about an Irish-Catholic family with eight boys!

In this particular episode, the dad, Mike Clearey, is named “Most Productive Employee of the Month” by his company, Logan Aerospace. In an effort to keep up with their friends who recently appeared on the front page of the local newspaper for a work-related honor, Peg Clearey, Mike’s wife, coordinated a workplace photo-shoot with Mike and his eight kids.

Naturally, the photo appeared on the front page of the local newspaper.  Then, it went viral 1970s-style.  Since the show is set in the pre-internet era, the ultimate in going viral in those days was having a local news article get talked about by Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.  Mike ended up getting a raise due to the great publicity.  And there is some humor to the fact that Carson found it funny that a father-of-eight was named “Most Productive Employee.”

We regularly tell our clients about utilizing media coverage to further support their messaging and to repurpose articles and interviews to extend the life of the coverage, to demonstrate third-party endorsement and to establish thought-leadership.  This is a real-life, sitcom example. And while the show has been cancelled, the value of great, positive media attention should never be thought of lightly.

Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson
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