Does your morning routine set you up for success?

Morning RoutineOne of the blogs that I subscribe to had a post recently on the morning routines of successful entrepreneurs.  A Google search for “morning routine of successful person” brings up more than 15 million options.  Guess the topic is an interesting one.
Some common activities amongst all that were interviewed – get up early, exercise or meditate, tackle the bigger tasks first, etc.
Reading the post got me thinking about my morning routine.  And specifically how that routine has changed over the years.  Earlier in my career (and that would have been way before social and online media), I’d get up, get ready, glance at the newspaper and head out the door, getting to work at least 15 minutes before the official time.
Mid-career didn’t see too much of a change except there were many morning meetings that would get me into the office a little later.
Mornings now mean waking and checking my social media accounts, emails and skimming the online headlines, getting up and out with my dog, Hildy, for a 45-minute walk, and then back home in time to get ready to get work.  That might mean meeting a client or prospect for coffee, working remotely in-between meetings or still getting to the office at least 15 minutes before the official start time.
Is this the routine of a successful person?  I don’t know.  But what I do know is it is the routine that works for me, that puts me in the right frame of mind to be the best I can be for my clients and for our team.
What’s your morning routine?

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at Jul 12, 2017

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