#MediaMonday – Tom Scanlon

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Tom Scanlon, managing editor of the Mesa Tribune and founder of the recently launched HARK Valley.

So, Tom, time to share!

Tell us how you got your start in media? Tell us your story!

After college at Duquesne University, I started working as a copywriter at a small agency. That got boring, and I came to realize even being a lowly stringer covering high school sports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Press (RIP) was much more fun.

How did you come to work at your current position?

After taking a break from journalism (I previously worked covering music at the Seattle Times and was editor of the North Coast News) to work in social services, I jumped back into the newspaper game for Steve Strickbine’s Times Media Group. I was first managing editor of our West Valley papers before moving over to the East Valley as managing editor of the Mesa Tribune. And, recently, I launched HARK Valley, a Facebook Bulletin newsletter.

Tell us about what you cover it and how – and what do you want to be pitched/if at all?

For the Mesa Tribune, any and all things that impact the city from breaking news to personalities to culinary and events. Then for Hark, as my HARK Valley Bulletin bio notes, “Veteran journalist Tom Scanlon (un)covers blaring bar bands, cranky comics, pissed poets, rejected writers, agitated artists and others who have stories to tell/yell.” So … love to hear about interesting artists, authors, musicians, venues etc.

Where did you grow up?


Favorite type of music?

Everything from chirpy indie pop to hard-core rap.

Favorite color?


Favorite TV shows or movies?

I pretty much can’t stop watching/listening to Indie Playlists Radio on YouTube (with scenes of driving through cities around the world).

Favorite local restaurants or other haunts?

I am a big fan of Crescent Ballroom, Janey’s Coffee (and music), the Film Bar, Angels Trumpet Ale House, the MIM and Mother Bunch Brewing (RIP).

One fun fact about you outside of work?

Not to brag but I’m an excellent dog walker.


Photo provided by Tom Scanlon

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at Sep 27, 2021

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