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Ozzy MoraToday’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Ozzy Mora, a digital multimedia journalist and social media producer for 12 News. You have most likely also seen her on TV, as she often works as an on-air social media reporter, too. Excited to share her story with the blogosphere today!

How did you make your way to 12 News?
Well, that's an interesting one. I actually met a recruiter for the company at that time a hotel. I know it sounds weird, but his team was having a recruiting event and I happened to be there. We started talking and – boom – he said I would be perfect for a position that opened up in Phoenix. I actually was already signing papers to work at another station where I am originally from, but once I got the call from 12 News in Phoenix, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a very hard decision at the time – I left my family, friends and even a relationship to take this leap of faith. At first I was devastated, but I knew I made the right choice.

Favorite part about what you do?
I have such a huge passion for community, people making a difference and entertainment. I have always wanted to be a voice for people. I love interacting with our community. I love knowing there's still people out there that seek the best in others and truly try to aspire to be kind people and ambitious.

Prior jobs/positions in media:
I used to work for a film production as a producer's assistant and wore many other hats. At the same time, I was a dance teacher for a high school and for little ones age one to five. It was so much fun, and I learned tons of patience.

I attended the University of La Verne.

Where did you grow up?
I am from Los Angeles. I was born in East Los Angeles and now, my family lives in Hacienda Heights right next to a Buddhist Temple.

Favorite type of music:
I love reggae, especially Daddy Yankee! I also enjoy, rap, pop and hip-hop. I slowly have been starting to like country as well, but some songs not all. I have to feel it.

Favorite color:

Favorite local haunts:
Well, I recently did a story at the Gila Jail in Globe, which is really haunted. I had an experience actually, and it was definitely a story to tell. I took the chance in telling the story. It was a challenge because I work for a local breaking news department. I mean, who is going to believe this? But it did happen. And a lot of great things are actually happening because of my experience. Let's just say I am very well-known in Globe now, and they are about to get more attention soon as a result.

Favorite places to visit:
Mexico. My mom's family is there. I love them so much. My aunt recently died, so it has been hard to go over and know she is not there anymore, but in spirit she is.

Favorite food:
Thai and Korean BBQ.

Least favorite food:
Honestly, I can eat anything except frog legs, chicken legs …anything too far out of the norm. I ate rabbit by accident once, and I about cried!

Tell us a few things readers would be surprised to know about you?
I have a daughter who looks nothing like me and is about to turn one.

I love to dance hip hop and lyrical. I have been dancing since I was three years old, in fact, and I danced for 14 years “folkorico,” which most people would know as the Mexican dance with the colorful dresses.

I have a huge pet peeve for short responses.

I love Nickelback, and I don't care what people have to say about that (since they are so often dismissed and dogged).

I used to model and act for about six years.

I am half Ecuadorian and half Mexican.

I lived in Italy with my aunt and had a boyfriend out there too!

I am a huge daredevil and risk taker.

Tell us who you are in a nutshell:
Outspoken, loving, caring, generous, grateful, adventurous, romancer and crazy in my own ways. I love the GYM! Committed to whatever I set my mind to do. Addicted to coffee and good-hearted people. Sincerity is key and be unique. I don't like people who try to blend in.

Types of stories and pitches you are looking for:
Community, people making a difference, organizations, schools improving the life of someone or a community, entertainment, celebrities

Contact info:

Email: ozzynmora@gmail.com

Twitter: ozzy_mora

Facebook: Ozzy Mora 12 News

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