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July 25, 2011
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July 27, 2011
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Radio veteran Dave Pratt, affectionately known as “The Morning Mayor,” is returning to the terrestrial airwaves Aug. 15 on Phoenix station X 103.9 KEXX-FM after two months of distributing his morning show here.
“My goal has been very simple.  Whether it is online, on-air, in my blog and columns, or in my television appearances, my desire has always been to continue my friendship with my listeners and to remain loyal to Arizona.  Our new partnership with X 103.9 allows fans of the show to listen anytime, anywhere, and on any device that is convenient for them,” said Pratt.
Riviera Broadcast group COO Jose Rodiles states, “Dave Pratt is the most recognized on air personality in the history of Phoenix radio.  His track record over the past 30 years is well documented and the relationship he has with his listeners is second to none.  We are delighted to combine Dave’s proven success with the heritage and brand strength of X 103. 9.”
The goal of the partnership with Riviera is to combine the legacy and strength of the Dave Pratt brand with the trendsetting X 103.9 brand to create a new entertainment experience for Valley listeners.
Dave Pratt Live is produced by Doublewide Productions, a local company dedicated to creating unique content that serves the needs of Arizona and its communities.  The company is platform agnostic and will deliver content across audio, video, digital, and mobile distribution technologies. The name Doublewide pays homage to Dave’s humble beginnings broadcasting from a trailer in Guadalupe, as well as the company strategy of delivering content across both traditional and new media technologies.

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  1. Will be good to hear you on the airwaves again.

  2. The Valley airwaves are better with Dave Pratt on them.

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