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Molly Cerreta SmithEach Monday, we are posting a blog to help our readers get to know the media just a little bit better.

With a TWIST!

No, we aren’t posting story pitch tips or media lists, but instead great stories from the media themselves about their lives, their work and other little known facts! Think of it as your first “networking” opportunity of the week!

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Molly Cerreta Smith, the new editor-in-chief of Green Living AZ.

So, Molly, time to share!

What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?

Hi all! I am so excited to be back in the scene. Thank you Alison, a colleague since my early days at Arizona Business Magazine, for touching base and giving me a chance to share my story!

I have been writing since I was just a little girl. It has always been my dream to be at the helm of a magazine. After graduating from the UofA (I won’t say when!), I served as a writer and editor for various local print publications in Tucson and Phoenix as well as online publications, however, I have spent the past seven years serving my ultimate role — that of “Mommy” to my son, Jimmy, and daughter, Saylor.

They are the rays of light in my life. We have so much fun together along with their daddy, my husband, Sterling. My career took a backseat to motherhood, though I maintained my career through freelance opportunities via major women’s website and other local writing gigs that allowed me to work in my jammies from the comfort of my family room couch. (Woo hoo!)

I truly didn’t anticipate giving up that luxury (seriously, why doesn’t someone enforce Pajama Day in the workplace?).  But when I met Dorie Morales, publisher and CEO of Green Living AZ, and heard her passion for not only her magazine but also the content within, I knew it was a perfect fit. (Plus, she still lets me work from home in my PJs now and then!).

Given the responsibility to put out smart, engaging and inspiring content and helping people understand the importance of preserving our planet and its precious resources is not one I take lightly — particularly as a mother. I want to leave this planet in great shape for my own children and my future grandchildren. I am loving “going green” and learning the multitude of ways we can benefit our planet and our bottom line by changing up little things we do every single day.

When I’m not at my computer, I love game night with my family, hiking, reading, traveling, dining out, hanging out with my sister, my parents and my friends and simply sucking up all of life’s enjoyments. When I’m not trying oh-so-hard to eat healthfully, I love a nice cold beer and a moist cupcake. Is that so much to ask?

I’m so thrilled to be back in the game and look forward to reconnecting with everyone from my “past” work life! Please reach out to me with story ideas or to simply say hello at

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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