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June 16, 2017
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#MediaMonday - Martini DayWe now interrupt your regularly scheduled #MediaMonday post to raise a toast to National Martini Day, and to share of the local media’s favorite martinis – including several from past (and future) Media Monday profiles. If you missed their stories the first time around, be sure to click on their names for all the great backstories on how they got into writing about food and lifestyle.

Taryn Jeffries of Phoenix Bites: Without a doubt, the St. Germaine Martini at AZ88!

Sondra Barr of The Media Barr: While not my cocktail of choice, I echo Taryn and love AZ88’s options.

Sandy Wasserman of Pulling Corks & Forks and #FoodieChats: Make that three for AZ88. But my fave is the Dirty Martini with olives.

Christina Barrueta of Write on Rubee: The Flawless Martini at Bitter and Twisted, with gin. It's a precise blend of gin, vermouth and a nano-filtered water that has been chilled to less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Georgann Yara of the Arizona Republic and more: I’m a “dry gin martini with one olive” kind of gal, but my absolute favorite is the HOT-ini at House of Tricks. It's Roasted jalapeno-infused vodka, Lillet Blanc and a garnish of hot pepper and a white cheddar square. It's got heat, but that makes it even more irresistible!

Josh Frigerio of ABC 15: It’s not a martini technically, but I’m a Vesper fan. The Ostrich makes a great one!

Teresa Traverse of the Phoenix New Times, Modern Luxury and many more: You have to ask Cocktails and Cactus this one – and we need to get her to do a Media Monday profile while we are at it!

(And so we did!)

Dana of Cocktails and Cactus: I love Ocean Prime’s Pineapple Martinis. Also Blue Martini has some fun specialty martinis – try them all! And yes, Teresa will do a Media Monday, coming soon!

So, what’s your favorite martini?

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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