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July 11, 2014
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MarcyLI love to feature members of the media on our blog every Monday. But I especially love it when I can feature a member of the media who I also consider a friend (we live only blocks apart and our sons even attend the same summer camp)!

Today we hear from Marcy Luganob, the new (and by new I mean her first day is today) assignment manager at NBCUniversal’s news station in Phoenix, KTAZ, which is the local Telemundo news channel. Her first objective? To create and establish KTAZ’s first assignment desk!

When I first met Marcy she was with Channel 3 as an assignment manager, a position she held for more than four years. But for the 10 years prior she was with Channel 5 as assignment editor. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona (and I don’t hold that against her).

So, Marcy, time to share!

What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today? 

First of all, I’d like to thank Rachel for not letting my UA “Wildcat” status affect our friendship and business relationship. I will say that I did attend ASU for some graduate studies, so I DO possess some allegiance to the Sun Devils.

My beginnings were humble and my life began as an abandoned newborn in the Philippines. I lived my first four years of life in a Catholic-run orphanage and was finally adopted on my 4th birthday. My adopted parents were Benny and Margie Luganob and they lived on the island of Guam with their daughter Holly. Most of my childhood years were spent on Guam and in the mid-1980s, my family moved to Tucson.

After high school, I attended the University of Arizona where I majored in Media Arts and minored in both Journalism and Political Science. During my last two years at the UofA, I interned at Tucson’s NBC affiliate and that is when I decided to pursue a career in television news management. After graduating from the UofA, I headed out to Washington D.C. where I interned with the National Journalism Center and the British Broadcasting Company. I ended up going back to Tucson and found work at a couple of the television news stations, working as an assignment editor.

By the late 1990s, I decided to continue my television news career in Phoenix, and that brings me to the present day. I’m excited to be part of NBCUniversal’s team as it looks to expand and grow Phoenix’s Telemundo news station. Part of the station’s growth includes creating and establishing the station’s first assignment desk, which I will be a part of. I look forward to working with many of the representatives from local organizations, government offices and businesses, as I seek out unique story ideas that represent the surrounding communities and the people that live in them.

If you want to send a press release or story ideas please email me at telemundoarizona@nbcuni.com.

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
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