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February 3, 2017
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Today’s #MediaMonday comes thanks to our buddies Susie Timm and Char Shaff, as well as a very sassy trolley car ride.

Allow me to explain.

Susie and Char were kind enough to invite me on the Arizona Restaurant Week Media Dine Around (I write on food, cocktails and travel in my spare time for these groovy outlets) last May, which they were coordinating in partnership with the Arizona Restaurant Association in advance of the twice-annual event.

The evening – which included a trolley whisking about 30 members of the media to venues across the Valley to sample their planned Restaurant Week menus – included quality time with lots of my favorite people, including one of my oldest media buds and current editor of WHERE Michelle Glicksman; former HMAer Kelly Potts; long-time gal pal and Good Morning Arizona producer Ali Dugaw; and recent #MediaMonday profilees Lynette Carrington, Angel Fuchs and Teresa Traverse.

Now, we work in a fairly female-dominated industry. So, when I see a new fella in our midst, I obviously have to investigate.

That night, said fella was none other than Josh Frigerio of ABC 15. After some great food and drink, he agreed to do a #MediaMonday with us once things slowed down a bit for him. Well, they never slowed at all – but he did make good on his promise to let us shine a light on him and his work today!

So, here is a fantastic profile on the one-and-only Josh Frigerio, which has been almost 10 months in the making and it totally worth the wait.

So Josh, what do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself?

My name is Josh Frigerio, and I am a digital journalist for ABC15 News, specifically their local events beat journalist.

Do not let the title fool you; I cover more than local events. The purpose of my role is to remind our readers about all of the exciting places to see and do around the Valley and state.

That includes restaurants, cocktail bars, arcades, National Parks, water parks, miniature golf, kids events, and the dozens and dozens of concerts, festivals, food events and “movie nights in the park” that happen throughout the year.

All of my stories live on ABC15’s website, our mobile app and on our social media channels. Check it out here.

Growing up, I had two dreams — Hollywood and to work for the news.

I spent a lot of time in front of the TV. To me, it was magic. Within a span of 30 minutes, reporters from around the world could be on the screen talking to me about whatever the news of the day was, wherever it was.

It completely widened my view and understanding of the world.

I received my first assignment in eighth grade — General Motors brought an early electric vehicle to school — the EV1 — and I wrote about the experience for the local newspaper. (I still have the paper clipping, too!)

In high school, I wrote for the newspaper, became its editor-in-chief, helped out the Yearbook staff and worked for the district’s TV station. (Yes, I was motivated and a little nerdy.)

I graduated from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2011. I’m currently teaching a multimedia journalism course at the Cronkite School for a second semester, which is an incredible experience.

After graduation, I moved to Omaha to work for the Omaha World-Herald for a brief time as an online editor. I joined ABC15 in 2013.

Outside of the newsroom, I like to go to the movies and aquariums, try new restaurants, binge-watch TV shows on Netflix and Hulu, and attempt to sharpen my rusty cooking skills.

I’m always looking to connect (and for good travel and restaurant recommendations)!

Feel free to reach out via Twitter here, Facebook here or email me at josh.Frigerio@abc15.com.

Don't forget to follow ABC15 on Twitter here and Facebook here!

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