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Photo by Jill Schildhouse

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from busy freelance journalist Jill Schildhouse, who became the subject of a story herself recently HERE.

Jill, time to share:

First, can you list a sampling of the MANY media outlets for which you write?
Over the past 15 years, I’ve written for numerous local and national magazines, including Phoenix Home & Garden, Arizona Highways, Reader’s Digest, Oxygen, Muscle & Performance, Amazing Wellness, Vegetarian Times, The Franklin Prosperity Report and Montage. I also write for various digital outlets, including MSN, Gannett, and

Tell us about growing up? What were your passions? 
I’m technically a Phoenix native, though we moved to the Midwest a few years after I was born. I grew up in Cleveland and studied Corporate Communications at Northern Illinois University, outside of Chicago. A few years after graduation, I moved back to Phoenix.

My biggest passion aside from writing is traveling. I’ve been to 35 countries so far — highlights include attending culinary classes in Italy, cruising the fjords of Norway, snorkeling in Fiji and touring windmills in the Dutch countryside. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to marry my two passions by doing a lot of travel writing. Going on assignment in domestic and international destinations is an absolute dream come true.

Tell us how you got your start in journalism?
I earned a minor in journalism with my bachelor’s degree and began my career in public relations. It was immediately clear that I was on the wrong side of the desk — rather than sending out pitches to media, I wanted to be the media PR pros pitched to! I somehow landed the first magazine position I ever applied to, an assistant editor role at a highly technical food science magazine in the Chicago suburbs, and learned the ropes of publishing. I didn’t love the subject matter, but I knew I’d found my path. Over the next 15 years, I continued to climb the editorial ranks at various consumer and trade publications. Eventually, I became the editor-in-chief of AAA Arizona’s travel magazine, Highroads, which was my first chance to combine travel and writing. In 2017, coinciding with my 40th birthday, I decided it was time to leave my corporate career behind and focus full time on freelance writing.

Tell us about the types of story pitches you want, if any?
I currently cover travel, health and wellness, personal finance, fitness, nutrition, consumer products, and sustainability for a variety of national outlets.

Favorite type of music? 

I’m addicted to Lithium on Sirius XM, so I guess I’m still stuck in the ‘90s?

Favorite color?
Tiffany Blue.

Favorite TV shows or movies?
I loved Mad Men, Suits, Shameless, I’m Sorry, You, Succession, Homeland, Billions, and Downton Abbey. I never miss reruns of Seinfeld or Friends. And I’m still a loyal Survivor fan.

Any foods you hate?
Every few years, I try mushrooms again just to make sure I still hate them. I do.

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