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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Christina Duggan, producer of Your Life Arizona on Arizona's Family.

Christina, time to share:

Tell us about growing up? What were your passions?

Growing up in Scottsdale I had a typical desert suburbia childhood. Staying cool in the summer at camp or day trips in the high country. Enjoying the sunshine and positive vibes during the school year. I played every sport at least one season, but stuck with dance from 3 to 30 something. I LOVED giving presentations and making big productions out of things so it’s no surprise I ended up in this industry.

Tell us how you got your start in television?

My first real start in TV was a production class in college followed up with an internship at FOX News LA Bureau and KTTV FOX 11 /KCOP MyUPN 13 in Los Angeles. I learned a lot about being nice while working hard and getting to know the right people. If you can survive the fast paced, no-nonsense, competitive work world of L.A. you can survive anywhere. As a rookie intern you know absolutely nothing, so it was an intense wake-up call from the industry. Both of those were paid jobs and let me get that “researcher” and “production assistant” badge of honor.

Tell us how you came to start working at AZ Family?

I graduated in 2008 when most companies where having layoffs. I had moved back home to Arizona and had about six part- time jobs, including at Radio Disney. That organization was shifting direction, so I took a teleprompter job at 3TV/CW6. I worked at night and came in early to write and was able to learn and pick up extra hours all over the place. A new full-time position opened up elsewhere in the building and I got it. I’ve worked in news, sales, community relations, marketing, creative services and production while with Arizona’s Family.

Tell us about the types of story pitches you want?

I want pitches to be clear and have a creative direction. If I can’t tell how I can make an idea come alive on television from a pitch, than most likely I will pass. The ones that have all the information right there go far too, in my world.  I do have a follow-up email rule that I live by. I may not reply to the first email, but I will always reply to a follow-up email. Following up goes far in my book.

Favorite type of music?

Anything danceable. Country, pop, rock, house, hip-hop, indie, jazz, swing, cumbia, big band etc. If I can move to it I’m listening.

Favorite color?

My favorite color to wear is a rich purple; while my favorite color to decorate with is white; and my favorite color to look at is light blue.

Favorite TV shows or movies?

Count me in for a Harry Potter marathon. I also have seen every Sex in the City episode three times. I was a huge GLEE fan.  I’ve seen every episode of Schitt’s Creek twice and live for the fan blogs, mashups, quizzes and pop up events. Action, comedy and fantasy films and television show genres are preferred on my watch list. I cannot stand to be scared. Like just thinking about being scared gets my heart racing. Most scary movies include me rocking back and forth with my hands covering my eyes.

Favorite local restaurants or other haunts?

Brunch to me is the most relaxing meal. I love Postino, The Vig and OHSO for brunch.

Any foods you hate?

Not necessarily hate, but there are many I can’t have. I am allergic to fish, like EpiPen allergic. I haven’t had red meat since 2008, and I don’t eat processed meat or game. Let’s just say that my skin prick allergy test has 60-plus foods that showed some degree of reaction so there’s a lot I don’t put in my system. White and creamy things in particular are foods I just don’t like. Sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, white queso, white hummus, yogurt, thick whipped cream, smooth mashed potatoes etc.. You get the idea. If it’s spreadable and white in color, then I’m out.

Best email: For Arizona’s Family christina.duggan@meredith.com and for my “brand” and other inquiries christinadeloma@gmail.com

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