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For many, the name Chrissy May will sound very familiar. Several years ago, she served as editor of 202 Magazine, a popular Southeast Valley lifestyle magazine that ended its run about three years ago in the Valley.

Since then Chrissy has been busy – to say the least – working in luxury real estate (primarily in the Arcadia, Biltmore Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas), but has always kept her eye out for the right opportunity to re-join the ranks of the local media.

Well guess what? She’s ba-ack!

In coming weeks, Chrissy will formerly launch “Spotlight on Arizona,” focused on all things that make the various communities across our state so great (think food, drink, attractions, events, entrepreneurs, local leaders, colorful characters, et al). One of the most exciting aspects of the site – it is in final talks to also launch as a television show on a local TV station later this spring/early summer (stay tuned)!

While she is working on the final stages of this launch – as well as on her first book – she sat down with us to catch us up on where she’s been and where she is going with Spotlight on Arizona. Oh, and of course how to connect with her for stories, which she wants to note upfront will not be pay to play.

So, Chrissy, what do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself?

Thanks for the opportunity!

First, a little color on my past beyond just 202 Magazine.

I’m originally from suburban Chicago and have been an Arizona resident since 1999.

Before I entered the wild world of local media, I was actually a competitive figure skater for 10 years and a Fitness America Regional Champion, eventually earning a spot in the ESPN-led National Championships finishing in the top 15 out of 145 competitors. My extensive background in the health and fitness industry is what ultimately paved the way for opportunities in the journalism and media arena.  Lending my knowledge as a contributing writer for over a decade and hosting special assignment segments on TV.

Fun little claim to fame – I was cast in a small role in the 2005 Bewitched movie reboot with Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman as well as on TV shows: Las Vegas, Adam Carolla Project and 7th Heaven to name a few. I’ve also had the opportunity to do some national hosting, which gave me the opportunity to interview some pretty interesting people from actors and producers to professional athletes.

I took the helm of 202 Magazine in 2012, which was a wonderful experience meeting and writing about some pretty incredible people throughout the valley.  I loved it so much, I made an offer to purchase it, yet it was not meant to be.

Departing 202 Magazine, moved me full steam ahead into my current full-time career in the real estate industry.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work alongside some amazing professionals; investors, builders and designers as well as assist my clients with their home buying and selling needs.

My goal with Spotlight on Arizona is to feature local business owners, entrepreneurs and events by getting up close and personal in the community. We are working with a professional videographer who also shoots beautiful aerial work with a drone, making the production very eye appealing!  Currently, we are in talks with local production companies for the television show.  The online portion will be a great way to push out relevant content to the community immediately.   I look forward to working directly with you all!

Like Alison said, I am working on finalizing sponsors from my personal network so we won’t have to operate as a pay to play outlet in any way. For more information on the show – and to start sending me your pitches – you can reach me at 480.395.7775 or shoot me an email anytime at I am on Facebook here, and on Facebook for Spotlight on Arizona here.  And of course on insta: @spotlightonarizona

Also, since I have been out of the game a few years, would love to sit down for coffee and talk to all of my former (and all of you newer) PR peeps to see how we can spotlight your great clients and brands.  And, of course, to get back on all those media lists!

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