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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Cassie Hepler, the owner and publisher of lifestyle and travel blog, as well as a multi-media journalist and signed actress and model with The Young Agency in Phoenix.

Cassie, time to share!

 What’s your story?

I grew up as a country girl in central Pennsylvania with Amish neighbors. I spent a lot of time in nature, the pond, streams and mountains and with our beloved dog Bo (yes from Dukes of Hazard) and my brother Jesse. My father, David Hepler, is an entrepreneur who started Hepler Geothermal (formerly Hepler Air) in the 80's before it was cool to go green. Now my brother has taken over the business and grown it to #2 in the state with only word-of-mouth which is amazing in this digital age!

How did you decide to get into journalism?

I've been writing since I was a little girl. Poetry and then school plays where I would write, act and direct them. My mom would sew costumes and always encouraged my creative growth. I was naturally drawn to words and writing and loved journalism... not just the written word but also the process of publishing a newspaper. Graphic design, copy editing, being a columnist, being an editor... I loved it all. And I still do my best work under a deadline. Since the newspaper industry is sadly dying and shifting into the digital age, I wanted my own media. I always have. My dream was to own  a magazine, however keeping up with one blog is hard enough! I also feel like it is good to be green and be paperless. I guess that's in my blood, too! Someday when I'm not in full grind mode, I would love to write a book or two as well. Perhaps fantasy or maybe a biography... time will tell.

 When I’m not working I like/ fun facts about me…

I have an almost full scoliosis fusion in my spine (since 2015) which makes me need more rest than the average bear. But when I get enough rest, watch out because I'm in full honey badger mode. I still enjoy yoga even though I'm not as bendy as before (but can still rock a split), hiking, swimming, horseback riding, total foodie (currently on a keto kick for 2020), travel (personal vacations are important, too), massages and long walks on the beach.

The best way to contact me is through email at Please send any relevant pitches for lifestyle and travel submissions. We are currently adding press and FAM trips and focusing on more international travel for 2020 as well. We appeal to young professionals who work hard and play hard with a handful of writers on the East Coast.

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