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Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Bryan James of Yavapai Broadcasting and Verde Valley Television, which includes The Q 102.9, KKLD 95.9FM, KVRD 105.7FM, KVNA-FM 100.1FM, KYBC 96.3FM, KNVA-AM Flagstaff (ESPN affiliate).

Bryan, how did you get into broadcast journalism?

I started as intern in high school. I worked special events on location, dubbed in PSAs, produced local high school football games, loaded equipment for events, commercial production and writing scripts even filing contracts and alphabetizing CDs… I had a love for the industry so once I got a foot in the door… and a paycheck… I wanted to learn everything I could, and was willing to do anything even if it meant scrubbing toilets (which I was lucky I never had to do)!

How did you come to be the host of your own show? Tell us about your story!

A few years after starting I was climbing the ladder… But on the production, NOT on the air side. I was doing a lot of writing, I would record clients when they came in to the studio, producing commercials and was starting to help on the imaging for our Top-40 station The Q 102.9. I was creating legal IDs and morning show liners and really liked it! We had a night show that had good interaction and a host that was on the rise… Without going into detail he was immediately fired for something he did one Friday night. The program director of the station was also a BIG fan of mine! He would always build me up, and was amazing to work for! ANYWAY he talked to me about taking over the night show THAT NIGHT… I told him “I can’t be on the air… I wouldn’t be good at that” … Of course he wasn’t taking no for an answer and before I hung up he convinced me that I would be the GREATEST ever! So maybe he was WRONG! But that was more than 10 years ago and I have managed to stay on the air. Hosting nights, mid-days and now mornings.  

For those unfamiliar, tell us about your program – and stations!

We’re a group of six radio stations and operate the city of Cottonwood government TV channel, Verde Valley TV. We have studios/sales offices in Prescott Valley, Flagstaff and our main studios are in Cottonwood.  Yavapai Broadcasting is home to a Top 40 Pop station, The Q 102.9, Classic Hits on KKLD 95.9, Country on KVRD 105.7, Adult Alternative Rock on KVNA-FM 100.1, Adult Standards on KYBC 96.3 and ESPN Radio on KVNA-AM in Flagstaff. You can find more information online at MyRadioPlace.com.

What is Verde Valley Television?
Verde Valley TV is a collaboration between Yavapai Broadcasting and the city of Cottonwood, broadcasting on local cable in the Verde Valley and Sedona areas, as well as the VerdeValleyTV.com website. VVTV focuses on local government, events, parades, non-profits, youth organizations and area sports.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Vancouver,  Wash., just north of Portland, Ore.   I moved to Arizona when I was very young and found myself in Northern Arizona by the time I started school… Northern Arizona is defiantly home!

Favorite type of music?

Don’t you HATE when people answer this question with… “I listen to all types of music…” But I really do! I grew up a huge fan of hard rock music, my wife loves country, I program The Q 102.9 our Top 40 Pop station! I listen to it all, and honestly am a fan of most it! Last three concerts: Taylor Swift, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers and Garth Brooks.

Favorite color?


What are some of your favorite local spots or things to do?

Anywhere by the water! Lakes, rivers, creeks… Hiking, camping and softball fields (all three of my daughters play travel softball)… So many places to explore in Northern Arizona! I have been to many beautiful locations across the U.S., Islands in Hawaii, many locations in Mexico… But not sure any of them are as beautiful and amazing as some of the canyons we’ve been in at Lake Powell! Locally we have the red rocks of Sedona, the local shops, local restaurants and local wine tastings in Old Town Cottonwood, the views and charm of Jerome all within a few miles of each other.

Favorite food?

Mexican food, no seafood, no Italian food, no American… SOOO food to me is like my music taste… I like almost ALL of it… OK fine Mexican food!

Least favorite food? 

Anything with sour cream or mayonnaise on it… That includes ranch dressing YUCK!

Three things readers would be surprised to know about you?

  1. My oldest daughter is a senior in high school (how did she grow up so FAST?!)
  2. I have a weird obsession with orcas and sea turtles… Is the ocean calling me???
  3. I am competitive… So much so I have been known to cheat during card games like Phase 10 and Uno… With my children… Not proud of it, but it’s true… They watch me like a hawk when I shuffle now!!!

What should people be pitching you? 

For my show? Anything that is community minded! Events, charities, concerts…

What is the lead time you need for content?

The great thing about radio is how IMMEDIATE it is! You can call in with information and almost immediately turn around and have it on the air. Of course with that said the earlier the better!

What is the best way to reach you?

Email – bryan@myradioplace.com



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