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June 10, 2016
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Angel Fuchs 2Oh no – it’s 9 a.m. and I am already hungry. Like always…

And reading today’s blog is just making me hungrier!

That’s because this #MediaMonday we are profiling Angel Fuchs, who runs her own local website (don’t call her a mommy blogger though!) and writes for Phoenix Bites (Hi, Taryn!). I first met her while – of course – noshing at a media dining event. And then at another. And then maybe at a third and fourth.

What can I say – if there is food involved, I am pretty much there!

And thankfully for you, so is Angel – reporting on good news, good food and great people in this community every day.

But don’t take my word for it.

Angel, time to share!

What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?

I’m a mom who blogs but I am not a “mom blogger.” I started Yay Baby! blog almost four years ago, after the birth of my daughter, Jacquelyn (aka Jax). I’ve always had a passion for writing and over-sharing pretty much everything I do, so I’m definitely at home in the age of social media.

Before having Jax and becoming a work-from-home mom, I had built a career in marketing, working for several Valley corporations including a couple radio stations, America West Airlines, The Arizona Republic and a chain of grocery stores headquartered in Phoenix. I was proud of my growth and successes, so when I lost my job in Corporate America I assumed I would jump right back into it in some way or another. Or so I thought…

Life had other plans for me.

My husband and I had struggled with infertility for almost three years. I’d given up any hope I had of being a mom. Then I found out I was pregnant the day I received my pink slip. As it turned out, losing my job was a huge blessing; I got to have a stress-free pregnancy, free of deadlines, and the aggression that comes with fast-paced work environments. I was able to focus and nest and plan the future or my growing family.

But writing is in me, it’s something I have always been able to say I can do well, so I didn’t want to abandon that passion. When I find something that I love, be it a television show or a recipe I came up with, I wanted to share. I’d lay in bed at night and form paragraphs in my head about what I wanted people to know about it, and then I’d post it to Facebook. My updates became ridiculously long, so I started a Yay Baby!

Yay Baby! is definitely not a parenting blog, although the name might make you think otherwise. I’m easily excited and “Yay!” is punctuated throughout a normal conversation with me and I call pretty much everyone I know “babe” or “baby” so that’s how the name was born. I write about pretty much anything that elicits the exclamation, which is my daughter, my husband, cooking, party planning, and food. I guess the best way to describe my blog is lifestyle, only I’m not telling you how to decorate your house or anything like that.

My blog gained more of a national following in the beginning so writing about local dining events and restaurants wasn’t really a good fit. My husband and I frequently eat out and there are so many great eateries around town. I wanted to write about them but didn’t have the proper outlet. Then I met Taryn Jeffries from Phoenix Bites and we were fast friends. She kind of took me under her wing, handed me opportunities to write about my passion for food and dining out and Phoenix Bites gave me the outlet I needed to share. Now, here I am a writer on the Phoenix foodie scene. It’s a great place to be, eating my way around a growing gourmet metropolis and sharing my experiences. I read Phoenix Bites before I started writing for Taryn so contributing to it is truly an honor. I get excited every time I see one of my posts published.

When I am not eating out, writing, being bossed around by a super cute little dictator, or maintaining a household; I like to cook and develop recipes. Last year I even won a blogger recipe challenge hosted by Del Real Foods. They flew me out to Los Angeles to film a couple promotional segments of me cooking my winning recipes and even put the recipes on their packaging!

Check out my segments here and here. Good Stuff!

Check out my blog at and look for some of my work on

I’d love to connect with you all!

Email me at, or you can find me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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