#MediaMonday – Andy Blye

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Andy Blye, the new banking and technology reporter for the Phoenix Business Journal.

Andy, time to share!

Tell us about getting your start in media – what inspired you and what is your journey?

I’ve always had a distant admiration for journalists, but it never seemed like something I could actually do. When I was in college, I started listening to NPR all the time and I saw the movie Spotlight which really showed me how impactful journalism can be. Flash-forward a few years, I’m looking at graduate programs when I came across the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism at ASU’s Cronkite School.

The program there was designed to take career-switchers like me and turn us into journalists. I signed up for school there and got taught by some amazing professors including Robby Robinson of the Boston Globe, who was portrayed by Michael Keaton in Spotlight.

So it’s still kind of surreal that I get to say I’m a reporter now, it’s like a dream come true!

What brought you to the Phoenix Business Journal?

I worked at the PBJ this past summer as one of the Dow Jones News Fund interns. I returned to school in the fall and returned to worrying about what I would do for work after graduation. It ended up being perfect timing because the Business Journal started looking to fill the position right as I was preparing to graduate in December.

I’ve been on the job for about a month now and I’m so excited to be covering such dynamic topics with so much going on.

Tell us about the story pitches you want?

I want my coverage to provide context on how our city and state fit into larger regional or national trends. I like writing about complex topics and how they’ll impact all of us, both inside and outside of the business community. It’s also important to me that my stories reflect the diverse community we have here in Phoenix.

And I’m always eager to start an investigative project, so I want to know about the big, systemic problems here and what issues I can help bring to light. So whistleblowers, get in touch!

Favorite type of music?

I’m generally into alternative rock, I really enjoy Tame Impala. But lately I’ve just surrendered to the algorithm and let Spotify feed me new artists on shuffle.

Favorite TV shows or movies?

My girlfriend and I have been watching a ton of Antiques Roadshow lately, specifically the original, British edition. It’s a nice mix of history, cheesy puns and soothing accents. Additionally, we’re about 20 years late to the party, but we’re watching the Sopranos too.

Favorite local restaurants or other haunts?

Well before the pandemic (a phrase that still hurts as it rolls off my keyboard) I used to play basketball a lot, but I haven’t touched a ball in months. I’ve since gotten into birding, which is a good outside activity and where I can hone my photography skills as we hike around.

Give us a fun fact!

When I was in the Peace Corps in Zambia, I learned to speak a local language called Bemba. I have yet to meet any Bemba speakers here in Arizona, so if you want to learn let me know. With so few speakers here it’s effectively my own secret language. Shalenipo!

To connect with Andy, email ablye@bizjournals.com.

Photo provided by Andy Blye

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at Apr 12, 2021

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