#MediaMonday – Ryan Cody

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from Ryan Cody, who joined 12 News in 2016 and today is both a reporter and anchor at the station.

So, Ryan, time to share!

Where did you grow up, and how did you get interested in journalism?

I grew up on the east coast in Middletown, Conn.. It was always my dream to become a sports journalist so I could be around sporting events without being talented enough to play.

Tell us about getting your start – what was your first gig?

After sending out 57 applications and resume tapes for various sports jobs around the country, I finally got a call back about being a news reporter in Amarillo, Texas. I took the job (reluctantly) and worked as a reporter for almost year before getting the opportunity to transition into sports. A few years later, I parlayed the gig into a job covering college football for a CBS affiliate in Alabama.

How did you make your way to Arizona – and to 12 News?

I quit my job in Alabama after five years to follow my girlfriend (now wife) to Phoenix where she moved for work. My parents and sister were also now living in Arizona which made the decision to take a professional “leap of faith,” easier. I played golf and worked as a baker at Sprouts for five months before finally getting a call from 12 News. My boss here trusted I could transition back into a news reporting role and the rest is history!

Outside of breaking news, what types of stories do you cover?

ANYTHING! As a general assignment reporter, I am interested in covering stories on any subject which make people feel something.

What types of pitches would brands and PR folks be smart to send you?

Pitches involving the human spirit and emotion. Before pitching a story to my boss, I always ask myself if the subject is important to people and if there is a good character to interview. It’s hard to tell a story properly without a person willing to be honest about their experience. Also, if we receive a pitch, we’re usually assuming there’s someone available to do an on-camera interview that day.

Favorite type of music?

Hip Hop & Country

Favorite color?


Favorite local restaurants or bars?

Arriba and Valle Luna for Mexican food.  The Parlor and Pomo for pizza and Italian. I’m a huge fan of the dive bars in Old Town Scottsdale, especially Giligins and Coach House for the holidays. And then, The Shop in Tempe and The Wandering Tortoise in Phoenix are my favorite places to get a local beer.

Favorite TV shows or movies?

Breaking Bad – Game of Thrones – Entourage – The Sopranos – and Ozark are my favorite shows, in that order.

Contact Email:  rcody@12NEWS.COM

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at Jul 27, 2020

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