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KristineRewind to 2012.

Back then, we profiled Kristine Cannon as part of our #MediaMonday series when she served as editor of Scottsdale Living and associate editor at AZ Big Media, which also publishes AZ Business Magazine and Ranking Arizona, to name a few.

But SO MUCH changes in six years. So much so, we are welcoming her back today, this time as the news and features reporter for the Scottsdale Progress, which was re-launched recently by Times Publications.

How did you get into reporting/editing in the first place? What’s your story?

(Disclaimer: I rewrote this response at least three times. And yet, this story is still long, so bear with me.)

I had always had a passion for writing, since I was a fourth grader and my teacher told me (after reading my short story about a gentle giant and his best friend), “You should be a writer.” I went to NAU and couldn’t decide between a creative writing/English major or journalism, but chose journalism. I went through the motions, I took the intro classes, and I learned how to interview people and the questions to ask, but it wasn’t until one particular feature story that I realized: I love this, and I want to do this forever.

It was a story about Sedona and vortexes. My interviewee? A man named Brian. He had an ability to see people’s auras. He had a fancy machine he strapped to your hands. My aura that day was blue, maybe green (I can’t remember). But what I do remember -- and will never forget -- is this story he told me about how his dead grandmother would visit him in the middle of the night. He asked his family if they saw her too. They didn’t. And that’s when he knew he had a gift. The whole story was truly fascinating, and I never would have heard it if I didn’t reach out, if I didn’t take the switchbacks to Sedona from Flagstaff, and if I didn’t interview him.

Telling everyone else’s stories is what I’m passionate about, and I’m excited to do that for Scottsdale.

Tell us about your new gig?

I touched on it a bit in the last question, but as a news/features reporter, my job is to tell the stories you haven’t heard yet about the people who live in the city, about the people behind some of your favorite restaurants, events and businesses.

Where did you grow up?

I was a military brat, so we traveled quite a bit -- from Japan to California. But I would call both Yuma, Ariz., and Phoenix my two homes.

Favorite type of music?

This question is so difficult for me because I truly do listen to all types of genres! So, I’ll say instead who I’m currently listening to: Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, CloZee, Elohim… and more, but I’ll leave it at that.

More locally, though, everyone should go check out Sejo, Bear Ghost and Playboy Manbaby!

Favorite color?

Same with music, this changes by the day, but Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Month for May, Exuberant Pink, is my jam right now. Also, yellow.

Favorite place to visit? 

San Diego.

What are some of your favorite local spots or things to do?

I guess not much has really changed since six years ago: I still go to Crescent and all the other venues in the Valley to check out concerts/shows. I also love grabbing a drink at Valley Bar or a Kiltlifter at Four Peaks, eating a pasty at Cornish, hanging out on the OHSO Arcadia patio, and biking the Western Canal on the weekends (when it’s cooler out).

Favorite food?

Greek/Mediterranean food! Give me all the tzatziki.

Least favorite food? 

Thai food.

Three things readers would be surprised to know about you?

I am half Filipino. I’ve interviewed Robert De Niro before. I like to go ghost hunting. (If we ever grab a coffee sometime, ask me about my Ouija board story…)

What should people be pitching you? 

Mainly arts & culture, community, and food & drink news/pitches. What I want to know is: Who is the person behind the business? What’s going on in the city? Who or what should the Scottsdale community know more about?

What is the lead time you need for content?

As much as you can give me! This is a weekly paper, so deadlines will come quick.

What is the best way to reach you?

Email me at kcannon@timespublications.com.

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