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November 8, 2019
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Today’s #MediaMonday is green.  It’s from Dorie Morales, publisher and editor of Green Living Magazine.  Green Living Magazine is an Arizona eco-conscious lifestyle magazine designed to empower readers with new ideas and inspirations using nature’s resources to lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dorie, time to share:

I have been in the magazine industry for over 20 years. I started in magazines for the multi-family industry. I worked for the Apartment Guide as salesperson and then publisher. Then, in 2004, my former business partner and I started Apartment Showcase—we sold it to Apartment Finder in 2007. I stayed on as the publisher until we started Green Living Magazine. It was a business opportunity, then I went back to my roots. I grew up in New Jersey and we had an acre garden. I loved the changing of the seasons and the fall leaves. I was a foreign exchange student in Espelette, France. When I was there, I saw the birth of a baby cow and it changed my life. The area was so beautiful. I had a whole new appreciation of the earth. I am very passionate about an eco-conscious lifestyle and sustainability because I have lost all of my immediate family members to cancer, dementia and medications going toxic in their body. It is my mission to teach everyone that there are simple solutions that they can do in their daily life to create change and make an impact.

What inspired you to get into the magazine business? I watched Who's the Boss? when I was growing up. The main character was Angela, who ran an advertising agency. I became interested in marketing and advertising and I wanted to be her when I grew up. I have BFA in creative writing, studio art and media arts. I started as an account executive with Apartment Guide magazine, then became the publisher of the magazine and fell in love with the magazine industry and the power of print and media.

The reason I became involved in Green Living was an opportunity to educate the community. We did due diligence and there was nothing like it in the market. I had come from niche publications and knew the power of niche magazine. Green Living is becoming more mainstream. In 2010, sustainability was not as prevalent as it is today. When I made the choice to start the magazine, I saw all of these signs. The news was talking about how the U.S. ranked in sustainability. The cover of Southwest: The Magazine was talking about the earth. I went to Portland and everything was about green lifestyle. When I returned from my trip I made the decision to start Green Living Magazine. I became more engaged and I realized it was my why. One of the best days of my life was when my son finished a baseball game and he said to me, “Mom, let's be green and pick up trash." That is what we did.

What is the biggest challenge? The demand for skilled talent, Information overload, transforming the business model, and staying current on all media platforms in a digital age.

 What do you like to do in your free time? Spend time with my family and friends, I love to do Bauman’s Xtreme Training, Eutopia dance classes, yoga, meditation and skiing. I love to network and cook and entertain and travel. My happy place is my house at the beach in Rocky Point and/or any other beach, lake or canal.

What are you most proud of? There are a couple of things that I am most proud of. A great memory was when my son Keaton was done playing baseball and he said to me, “Mom, let’s be green and pick up trash." That is what we did. I am the most proud when we get monthly calls to the office or someone comes to an event and thanks us for the work that we are doing, and asks about one of our partners, or asks a question about an article and tells us how much they enjoyed the article and are looking forward to next issue. Or, when they come to an event and say that they learned so much from the event and they are bringing a friend or family member next time.

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