#MediaMonday – Brent Ruffner

Today’s MediaMonday is introducing us to Brent Ruffner, the Anthem reporter for Independent Newspapers.  A fellow Cronkite grad, Brent has had a passion for journalism since a young age. Brent, what else should we know about you?

How did you get into the journalism profession?

I broke into the journalism profession by moving to Roswell, N.M., and accepting a job as the crime reporter for the Roswell Daily Record – the same paper that reported on UFOs in 1947.

What are some of your favorite stories to work on?

I don’t have one single favorite thing I’ve written about. My most favorite stories are the ones that test your journalism grit. You know, the ones you have to persevere to get. Most times, you really help someone who needs it.

What are some of your other favorites?   

Some of my favorite places to eat and drink? I like Poke Bar, where you can get good sushi. I just found a good coffee place, too: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Peoria.

My favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band, which is calm and centering for me. I also like stuff like Tom Petty and Nirvana.

My favorite place to visit is anywhere my family ends up being that day. Whether we all are going on a hike or hanging out on the couch – it’s fun.

My local haunts aren’t my haunts anymore. Haunts get you into trouble.

And Mexican food has to be my very favorite. I can eat shredded beef burritos and hard- shelled chicken tacos every day.

And my favorite book would definitely be The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson.


You can reach Brent bruffner@newszap.com and follow him on Twitter @therealbrentski.

Photo provided by Brent Ruffner

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at May 10, 2021

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