Libras and Communicators

Libras and communications, is there a connection?

I’ve pondered this question before …. Does your astrological sign dictate your career path? Is there something inherent in those of us born a Libra that makes us communicators?

Here’s what I’ve found:

Creativity is one of the two fundamental elements of a Libra. For a Libra to feel comfortable in their workplace, they need to carry out tasks that give their imagination free reign, something that gives them the ability to transform their ideas into works of art. And if a Libra has a job to do that they don’t like, they’ll do it, and do it well. But they’ll grumble about it for sure.

A dominant characteristic of us Libras is our sociability. We need to be surrounded by people (if possible, ones that tell us what a great job we’re doing) and have similar enthusiasm, energy and passion. In an isolated environment (hello COVID-19), Libras can feel alone. Work makes the most sense for Libras when the final result solves a problem.  And we definitely like when our professional skills can be used for the good of our communities.

And we’re prone to serving as a mediator. If a conflict exists, you will often find a Libra doing everything possible to find a resolution that works for both sides.

Libras will be the first to take action, to search for the best solutions and to be there, no matter what, as a tireless worker that can be relied on.

So, I say yes, there must be something about Libras and communicators.

To all my fellow Libra Communicators…happy birthday!


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at Oct 8, 2020

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