Is Your Campaign Media Friendly?

In public relations, campaigns are a strategic series of marketing communications activities that are enacted to help businesses meet their unique goals. When campaigns include media relations, it is important to have your resources, ideas and spokespeople ready and available. After all, they are what you’ll need to tell your story effectively.

Most of your research and media planning is done in advance of campaign launch. This is an especially important period for identifying the journalists and publications that you want to tell the story. Make sure you are media-friendly by doing your homework ahead of time and reaching out to the right publications and reporters with the right beat for your announcement.

As most public relations practitioners will say, visuals are huge and a requirement for your campaign if you plan to undergo media outreach. Make it easy for the media by providing them with relevant high-quality photos or videos to accompany your story. If you have a campaign landing page, include the files on your site so more will have access in case they didn’t receive the news on your campaign launch.

One of the keys is availability. Once you officially launch your campaign or announce important news and start spreading the word, it’s important to have someone that will be available for media interviews whether over the phone, in a video call or on camera.

Also, with reporters and newsrooms presented with so many pitches a day, make it a key point to find a relevant or innovative angle surrounding your campaign that will help make it a good story for them to tell. While it may be exciting for you to share a new announcement, remember to think about how both your client and the media can benefit from your outreach.

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at Aug 8, 2023

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