Finding the Right Fit for Your Story

Earlier this week, I visited Arizona’s Family for a PRSA media breakfast where a panel of AZ Family producers and reporters discussed the stories they are looking for and how their newsroom and programming is expanding to Flagstaff and Yuma to serve more in Arizona.

During the panel, what stuck out to me was just how many formats there are to tell stories. This was also emphasized by the panelists who covered all the channels and program opportunities that stations like AZ Family have to offer from broadcast to podcasting to social media.

Each medium demands something different from a story that will make it the best place to tell it. And this requires thoughtful research to know that your client and your story are the right fit.

In the case of broadcast, remember that visuals are everything. Think about how you can illustrate your story and keep viewers captivated as visuals will be an essential selling point for reporters and producers. And not every local newscast is the same, it’s important to identify the best reporter, time of day and program that can tell your story.

Podcasts are a way to dive into deep conversation and can give individuals a place for their personality to shine while providing expert advice or insight. With the podcasting community growing, it’s possible to find the right show that resonates with your target audience. If you are looking for a podcast on global marketing and communications, check out PRGN Presents!

And online, stories are being told more and more with the capabilities of live video. TV stations are not only reaching more viewers on platforms like YouTube and Facebook through live streaming, but also giving you a place to potentially inform viewers and be a voice on important issues that are happening now.

And the best part is that some stories can’t be confined to just one format. So next time you think a story might not be worth telling, keep in mind that you may not have discovered where it belongs just yet.

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at Aug 4, 2023

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