Is the Investment in Niche Advertising Worth It?

One of the best ways to reach a specific audience is through hyperlocal marketing to a specific region or audience. In media relations, we often do this by county or city. But in advertising? Does it really make sense to create a super niche ad for a very small target audience?

Yes, a resounding yes (if done right). In fact, in today’s world where everything is scrutinized and so much content is custom, it makes perfect sense for ads to do the same thing.

Recently, I came across several prime examples of this type of advertising, both directed at me and both hitting the mark in a big way.

First, in advance of the much hyped #Scandoval episode of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo last week, Uber One released an ad with the three heroines of the season in Lala, Scheana, and Queen (yes, that is what we call her now) Ariana. It has inside jokes, going so far as to be set to a version of Scheana’s much-maligned single from 10 years ago. It was clever, funny, and as a result, I finally took the time to see what Uber One is all about and signed up for the service.

Second, also on Bravo, movie studios are having various cast members from Real Housewives and Below Deck “preview” films and perform silly, light-hearted vignettes about them during commercials for their shows. I can attest it stops me from fast-forwarding my DVR in its tracks. Yes, I have to see what these oft-not-ready-for-prime-time-players are going to do and say about the films. Well played. Very well played.

And finally, as a massive NBA fan, I’ve considered wagering on a Playoff game or two now that it is legal in Arizona. However, it took a commercial that runs about every 20 minutes during Playoff games that has present-day Charles Barkley riffing with a hologram of 1992-1993 NBA MVP Charles Barkley (complete in Phoenix Suns warm-ups and at least 50 pounds thinner than his present-day counterpart) to get me to download the app.

Making advertising as must-see as the TV shows themselves? Yes, it is possible. And no, there is no reason to wait until the Super Bowl to do it.

A tip of the marketing communications cap.

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

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at May 26, 2023

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