Is It Possible to Rebrand Yourself?

Over the years, I have been asked to share my thoughts on whether a celebrity can rebrand, bounce back, re-engage, etc. after they’ve been accused of wrongdoing, shared something inappropriate online, or in some cases, actually been found guilty of something.

My advice is always the same…the person needs to genuinely and sincerely own up to what they did, make real and significant amends (not just throw money at something) and do everything they can to honestly attempt to repair their reputation.

No one has done that better than Martha Stewart. We all know the story – she made a fortune under the Martha Stewart Living umbrella and was indicted on obstruction of justice and securities fraud charges. She spent a few months in jail as a result.

But in the nearly 20 years since that happened, not only has she bounced back but continues to find new and exciting ways to re-engage.  This time as one of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit cover models.

According to the brief bio on the magazine’s website, Martha is the true definition of an influencer, reaching more than 100 million fans each month through her magazines, television shows, books and products.

I’d say her rebranding efforts are working.

Photo by: Ruven Afanador/Sports Illustrated

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at May 18, 2023

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