Iconic Photo Opps

Gaining third-party endorsement for a product or location is essential in building brand loyalty. There are many examples of how loyalty programs bring in additional partners and incentives to entice customers to become or remain “repeat customers” while instigating positive conversations.

When others are saying good things about you, the reputation machine takes giant, positive steps.  We also see it regularly how brand loyalty is built through special events.

Another way that happens is through the actions of the customers on their own.  It’s not necessarily what people are saying about the brand or their comments on a review site, but that they are physically associating themselves with it.

An example in today’s world is what photos customers post to their social media platforms.  And more specifically, from where.

Destinations that have ready-made, highly identifiable, “instagramable” photo opp locations are creating that fun buzz and have been for years.  There’s even a blogger who posts about the best places to take photos at theme parks “for your social media pages.”

I’m talking about photos that actually have the name of the location in the picture.  Whether it’s the animal cut-outs at a zoo or a stadium, museum, presidential library or a hole-in-the-wall restaurant like Hodad’s in Ocean Beach, Calif., the fun pictures taken and posted by their visitors speak volumes.

Photos provided by HMA Public Relations

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at Oct 26, 2021

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