How Your Employees Lead to Your Success

How does your organization define success?  Better than average profits?  Support of local nonprofits? Great customer feedback?

The best way to achieve any of these or other ways you might use to measure success is to ensure your employees are as committed to the success of your organization as you and the other leaders are.

No one will be as strong of a brand advocate as the people that work for you.  So how do you cultivate that?

Since employees play a critical role in an organization’s success, effective internal communication is key.  It is extremely important to measure your communication effectiveness and especially the link between communication initiatives and business results.  However, this level of measurement is a challenge to the PR profession. Many organizations focus on employee “engagement” as an end measure for internal communication. While analyzing employee engagement is a great place to start, it does not fully capture the role your employees place and how to incorporate that role into your overall communications strategy.

There are a variety of ways to begin to measure your internal communications strategy. Employee behavior may be the reliable form of measurement because it goes beyond what employees “think” or “want” to do, and measures what they are actually doing.

It is an interesting topic and one that we spent some time on on this week’s Copper State of Mind podcast.

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at Dec 8, 2021

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