How Can You Communicate Sustainability?

February 26th marks National Skip the Straw Day, a day where environmental advocates encourage Americans to consider their usage of single use plastic and ask themselves what they can do to keep these plastics out of world’s landfills and oceans. Today is the perfect time to discuss sustainability and the best ways to communicate it to the world.

Avoid Greenwashing

Greenwashing, or deceptively marketing yourself as environmentally friendly, has caused problems for several big companies around the world. When taking the sustainable approach, it is important to be authentic and transparent in your actions. It is always easy to say but it is even better to do. Consumers today can see through performative actions and know when you are just telling them what they want to hear. For companies, sometimes authenticity can mean owning up to past actions and promising to change the way that you operate.

Give Back

A great way to rally sustainability support is through volunteer work. Simple ways to volunteer include: planting trees, hosting a group cleanup or even taking part in virtual volunteer programs. If you cannot give your time, consider giving money. There are countless non-profits to choose from that are dedicated to protecting the environment.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

The sustainable route can be hard to navigate, innovation is aplenty, and the biggest industries that make up sustainability can be complex. If you are looking to change habits through a sustainable campaign, look to experts and specialists who are able to reach those with little sustainability knowledge. There are several services today that allow users to find experts on any topic. These experts can be utilized for thought leadership content, interviews or blogs.

If you choose to become more sustainable, you must be clear about the goals you and your team have and regularly report the progress you have made. Today, many consumers are looking to support companies that align with their personal values, prioritizing sustainability is the perfect way to benefit both the planet and your business.

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at Feb 26, 2021

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