How Social Media Can Benefit Your Event

Whether you are in the planning process for your event , your event is happening now, or the fun has come to an end, there are numerous ways to take advantage of your upcoming event and online presence to create a memorable moment for your organization.

Your marketing communications plan may be in place and media strategies may be ready to be deployed for your event, but keep in mind a few simple social media features that could boost the life of your event and maybe even provide a final boost to your ticket sales.

Keep attendees and your followers engaged by developing an event hashtag to use consistently, sharing a countdown on your Instagram story that notifies attendees when the day has arrived, or coming up with a pre-event contest or giveaway for your followers to score special perks.

Photos, photos, photos. If you are roaming around taking photos or hired a photographer to shoot your event, identify key photos to capture before or during the big event by creating a shot list for your team or the photographer. The list should disclose the individuals to photograph at your event and the different scenes and shots to gather, both candid and posed.

Taking group shots of attendees will make them more inclined to look out for their photo and share on their personal social media channels, further amplifying your event during and after the festivities.

Once your event is in full swing, take advantage by live posting throughout the day of all the fun. If one or two platforms provide more return for your organization, try focusing on the active and relevant platforms to live-post in the moment and then share recaps on the others of the various happenings throughout the day. Live streaming can also give followers who aren’t in attendance the chance to be a part of some of the fun behind the screen.

And when your event had come to an end, it’s time to share what made it special and how it stuck with attendees. Highlight video montages, post-event surveys on the venue, activities and food, and thank you posts are great ways to boost engagement with attendees even when it’s all over. If your post-event engagement is already riding high, schedule a follow-up networking event for attendees to stay close.

Also, pre-, during, or post-event, don’t forget to interact with the social media users who cared enough to share content on your event’s organization. It’s important to stay connected.

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at Nov 14, 2023

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