How Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your Brand

There are countless ways to grow your brand using social media tactics, one of which is influencer marketing. For those who don’t know, influencer marketing is a method of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placements from people with large social followings (or a focused social page). In other words, brands will give monetary compensation or free products for a celebrity or influencer to show/talk about their products on social media. The benefits? Reaching a new and greater audience and being endorsed by a notable figure.

A good example of influencer marketing on a large scale is Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile’s collaboration. Ryan Reynolds, a renowned actor and film producer, partnered with Mint Mobile, a wireless phone and internet service. Mint Mobile benefited from Reynolds ‘large fanbase. Only a four-year-old company, Mint Mobile has seen tremendous growth, and Reynolds has been praised for partnering with such a successful start-up. Influencer marketing can be beneficial for both parties and is a great way to market your products.

If you are just starting out trying to grow your brand, it’s recommended to start small with micro influencers (influencers with a smaller fanbase). While it may be tempting to want to get the biggest name celebrity you can right off the bat, the budget for getting them to talk about your product is through the roof. Moreover, studies have shown that using micro influencers can actually be more impactful than a huge celebrity. Although they have a smaller following, their engagement is usually better—meaning, their followers like/reshare/comment/watch their page more closely than influencers with millions of followers. At the end of the day, this is really what you’re after anyway—reaching more people that will actually buy your product/service.

Influencer marketing can be an affordable and powerful way to grow your brand if done correctly. You may read more here.

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at Nov 10, 2022

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