How Important Are Team Players?

The NFHS Voice, the monthly newsletter of the National Federation of High Schools, had a recent article about why high school students participate in sports.

The article cited a study by the Aspen Institute that found the number-one reason students compete in sports in high school is to have fun, engage in exercise and spend meaningful time with their friends.

It’s not a new revelation, as it confirmed previous survey results in the NFHS Case for High School Activities.  It also was the same as a survey conducted 30 years ago by the American Footwear Association that revealed the same thing.  That study also showed lack of fun was the leading reason for dropping out of sports.

Lessons learned from team sports are invaluable and can be life-changing.

NFHS says there are eight million participants in high school sports across the country.  It’s a great indicator of how those kids will eventually fit into the workforce.  If the kids only knew why that is so important.

Years ago, I had a friend who asked every job prospect he interviewed if they had participated in team sports or activities sometime growing up.  He didn’t care if it was Little League baseball, high school drama productions or college tennis – he just wanted team players.

Effective client service in the PR industry requires that team effort, too.  That’s one of the advantages an agency brings to the table – the creative minds, talents and resources of a team.

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at Jan 21, 2022

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