How Does Your Brand Communicate Its Purpose?

Brand identities encompass a variety of elements, such as messaging, products/services offered, visuals and more. Setting business goals and understanding how public relations can help to achieve them is important. These goals can be short-term or long-term and driven by a specific purpose. For example, your brand’s mission or the community it serves. Public relations strategies can amplify this purpose if a personalized approach is taken.

Good communication–internally, between the client and the agency, and with the public–plays an important role in relaying the key messages of your brand. Built from in-depth meetings and asking questions among other communication in the beginning stages of developing a PR plan or executing a campaign, a clear understanding of the purpose of the brand can help clients and agencies work together towards an achievable goal.

I staffed a client event this weekend. The client had two primary goals for this event – develop a connection with attendees that would ultimately lead to a long-term volunteer or donor relationship and a more short-term goal of raising funds for its nutrition program.

Announcements made throughout the event not only informed the participants about was happening but gave the client the opportunity to share about their organization, its purpose and how the funds raised would benefit the community. Other branding opportunities included signage, information booths where attendees could learn more and staff decked out in logo’d t-shirts.

From a media relations perspective, the event provided us with the chance to pitch some stories that capitalized on the day’s activities while weaving in the organization’s key messages.

Purpose driven communications is relevant whether you are a profit or nonprofit. Contact us to begin communicating your purpose.

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at Oct 25, 2023

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