Is Success Measurable?

In today’s digital environment, it seems as though everyone is looking for the perfect recipe for success. But what is “success?” Is it securing the front page of a magazine, increasing your Instagram following tenfold, or getting 1,000 likes on your LinkedIn post? Leeza Hoyt and Abbie Fink question and discuss the idea of success in a recent episode of PRGN Presents.

The first step in evaluating success is understanding that it looks different for every client. Securing a front-page cover may be a success measure, but what impact does that have on your business? Outside communications counsel, such as PR teams, are sought out because they can look from the outside in. Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from PR plans, but these plans differ depending on what the specific needs of that specific business are. Is it more engagement on social platforms or reaching a target market of consumers 65+? Hoyt breaks it down in three stages:

Stage 1: Discovery

What is the client coming to us for? Is it earned media placements or getting the word out about a new product launch? The first stage to creating a successful campaign is discovering what the client thinks they need and designing a program that outlines that need. She suggests that before calling up the PR firm, think about what it is you want from them.

Stage 2: Challenge

Part of what PR pros do is challenge and clarify the client’s needs. All industries are unique and we want to be sure we are helping in the right ways. Abbie points out that when clients are encouraged by the challenging questions PR pros ask, a relationship can develop that leads to success. Together they can evaluate measurable outcomes that show how the investment in PR helped them grow their business.

Stage 3: Test Theories

Pursuing the campaign for a designated amount of time and evaluating which target goals were met – or not met – is the last stage in forming a client relationship built for success. Visit time stamp 10:24 to listen to Abbie’s personal example on why asking the right questions is essential in making sure target goals are hit.

In my eyes, the question of whether success is measurable remains up in the air. However, evaluating where you ultimately want your business to go and developing a strategic business growth plan around those goals is what will lead you there.

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at Jun 6, 2023

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