How Can You Find Your Audience?

Finding your audience is essential for success, but sometimes it’s not so easy to identify who is engaged with your brand or business and who you should be personalizing your content for. Discover some simple ways to get in touch with your audience and learn more about how you can meet their needs.


Whether it is your social media analytics or your website analytics, both can give you a glimpse into audience behavior, interests and engagement patterns. Google Analytics can also help you track website traffic, user behavior and conversion rates. From here you can tailor your social media and website content strategy accordingly.

Focus Groups

Try rounding up a small group in-person to test your new product or discuss a significant topic surrounding your brand. A focus group can provide valuable group insight into what people truly think about your brand, which will help you better segment your audience for success.


If you want to go more in-depth than a focus group, try gathering a smaller group of individuals and conducting one-on-one interviews, asking the important questions about their needs, preferences and expectations for a brand.


An easier way to hear honest thoughts on your brand is a digital survey. Using platforms like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms, you can engage users to share suggestions and honest thoughts on your brand anonymously. When creating your survey, make sure to include a few questions to gauge the demographic and preferences of the respondent.

Enhance audience engagement by providing a reward to survey participants or giving them the opportunity to enter a giveaway. Incentives and gamified content have become an increasingly important part of engagement, as we covered previously on the blog.

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at May 11, 2023

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