How Can Data Drive Storytelling?

Storytelling is at the core of every business, big or small. By utilizing data, businesses can amplify stories beyond the team and connect with the public in powerful ways.

Incorporating data in storytelling means translating research into a deeper story, crafting a narrative that readers, viewers, followers and more are interested in or can personally connect to. By effectively harnessing data and weaving in your messaging, organizations can inform readers while illustrating their expertise and impact.

Data-driven stories also help you stand out from the competition. Whether you are including a recent survey statistic in a news release to enhance a key message or using a focus group finding to supplement a story pitch to a reporter, data is a significant detail that gives audiences the credibility they are looking for.

No data? Start with your own website insights or social media analytics to identify potential data leads that could inspire a collection strategy or story for the media. If you don’t have any data of your own, try exploring industry reports or other credible sources to uncover figures that could help strengthen your story.

Beyond the raw data, consider the impact of visuals and how your data could translate into an infographic or image carousel to share on social media. Powerful stats in an easily shareable form are a good tool for driving online engagement.

Leveraging data to tell your story is what we do at HMA. Contact us to find out how!

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at Sep 12, 2023

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