Has New Business Development Changed?

So much about the workplace has changed because of the pandemic.  Work-from-home has become the norm, more and more meetings are taking place virtually using a variety of different platforms and we’ve been challenged to find ways to network.

And for those of us that work with clients, the biggest change has been in how we do new business development. Or has it?

Sure, we may not be meeting prospects in the typical ways – business events, fundraisers, golf course and the like.  But we still have plenty of ways to engage in the new business process.

  • Take the time to update your LinkedIn profile, both personally and your company’s, ensuring that it adequately reflects your areas of expertise.
  • Speaking of LinkedIn, use it to connect with colleagues you haven’t been in touch with for a while. You might not be able to meet in-person for coffee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still meet online.
  • Have you paid attention to your website and SEO? Prospects are still looking to hire, make sure your SEO is doing its job.
  • Do you serve on a board of directors? Consider connecting with fellow board members to learn more about their professional lives and see if there are any opportunities or introductions they can make for you.
  • And don’t forget about your current clients. They may be your best new business prospect.  Do your current clients know the depth of your expertise?  Have you heard them talking about some new projects but not considering how you can be a part of the new project team?
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at Feb 18, 2021

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